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WINTRY DOUBLEHEADERS: Angling Around Sun Valley

While winters in Sun Valley are famous for skiing, there’s also a growing following for its more watery pursuits. Fly fishing during the winter here can be downright spectacular. 

Photo: Mike McKenna

That’s why it’s becoming more and more common to hear folks après-skiing at places like Lefty’s or “The Pio” talking about pulling winter “doubleheaders:” fly fishing on the Big Wood and skiing (alpine, Nordic or snowboarding) on the same glorious day in the heart of Idaho.

Of course, some folks think it’s crazy to fish when it’s freezing out. And while it certainly isn’t for everyone, for those with a passion for angling and alpine sports, there’s no better place to cast and carve turns on the same day than Sun Valley.

To help find out if it’s right for you, try figuring out where you stand in the “Five Stages of the Fisherman’s Life.” As Bob Knoebel, a guide for Ketchum’s Silver Creek Outfitters, explained, the progression is a rather natural one:
Stage 1: I just want to catch a fish!
Stage 2: I want to catch a lot of fish!
Stage 3: I want to catch big fish!
Stage 4: I’m just happy to be out fishing.
Stage 5: I want to pass on my knowledge and passion for fishing. -Mike McKenna



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