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Body and Soul

Staying safe, healthy and comfortably dressed from head to toe all ski season long.

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First Lite undergarments are durable, lightweight and soft

Courtesy First Lite

Women all over the country are thanking local boys Scott Robinson, Kenton Carruth and Brick Blackburn for founding First Lite Merino wool hunting clothes. The same natural composition of Merino wool that makes it so great for skiers and boarders on the mountain also makes it perfect for hunters. It’s warm and cool, water-repellent, durable, anti-static, a UV protector and, perhaps best of all, it’s odor resistant.

The lack of odor is just a pleasant by-product of First Lite’s vision. The backbone of their endeavor is the combination of camouflage patterns with the most versatile fabric available, sewn in patterns that meet hunters’ needs. There are several elements, both physical and chemical, that make Merino wool naturally resistant to odors. Finally, men are coming home from hunting trips smelling a little sweeter!
First Lite focuses on using Merino wool because it offers hunters several specific advantages that are important to their sport:

• There’s no shine, since unlike synthetics, wool completely absorbs light. Combine this with a camo pattern and hunters can slip completely into the background, making them less visible to their prey.

• There’s no sound, as wool is virtually noise free. It doesn’t whip, crackle or shear.

• There’s no smell, and every hunter knows how important it is to minimize odor.

• It’s lightweight and soft. Merino wool fibers are some of the finest found in nature, producing fabrics that are durable, lightweight and soft enough to wear next to the skin.

Hunting requires all day comfort. First Lite feels wool is the answer. It performs well in every condition, keeping hunters warm in the mornings, cool as the day heats up and, amazingly, completely odor-free day after day, hunt after hunt. Robinson and Carruth also found that there were many situations where they wanted their Merino layer on the outside but were limited to black as a color choice. Enter camouflage.

“Prey can hear you twice, see you once, "
but if they smell you they’re gone.”
–Kenton Carruth

First Lite spent countless hours perfecting a process to print on Merino wool that doesn’t degrade its natural benefits. First Lite now offers three of the top camo patterns in the country: ASAT Camo, Mossy Oak’s Break-Up Infinity and Realtree Advantage Max-1. They can be found at major retailers like Cabela’s and High Mountain Outfitters, but the only place to get them locally is High Desert Sports on River Street in Hailey.

“We found that we could use these products for bow hunting in September, rifle hunting in October, and hunting for upland game birds and waterfowl in November and December,” says Carruth.

Now thanks to the ideas and research technology of a few local hunters, a national industry that is typically slow to adapt to new technology is feeling (and smelling) the difference. -Nancy Glick


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