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Body and Soul

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Dryland training at Zenergy. Muffy Ritz and Kate Whitcomb using ski ergs at 5B Crossfit.

Left Dryland training at Zenergy.
Right Muffy Ritz and Kate Whitcomb using ski ergs at 5B Crossfit.



Trying to avoid that haven’t-skied-in-a-while body hangover? Or need a push to make the transition from mountain biking to skiing the slopes, or from hiking boots to gliding on skate skis? Hook up with a local gym and get your body in shape for any type of winter sport. From KettleKross to Boot Camp, there are plenty of local classes to help you shine on the slopes. -Sara Sheehy


5B CrossFit

Hailey 415.860.2515

“We train people to be good at life,” reports Alex Margolin, co-owner of 5B CrossFit. Located in Hailey, 5B CrossFit teaches participants to control their body and build on their strengths and weaknesses—creating a well-rounded athlete. “Our athletes are ready to ski in June!” joked Margolin. Using a unique combination of a warmup and fitness challenge in every class, participants cheer each other on while completing the workout in a given time frame. Using functional movements only, 5B CrossFit aims to increase participants’ GPP, or “general physical preparedness.” A typical workout includes athletes challenging themselves with double-jump rope and kettlebell swings, followed by ski pole races on a nordic poling simulator.

“I enjoy teaching ski conditioning in particular because it’s so fun to teach—people just want to get killed!” -Angela Freeman

Angela’s Gym

Ketchum 208.720.7433

Angela’s Gym is a private, personal fitness center located in Ketchum. Owner Angela Freeman sets her gym apart by opening only for specific classes or private training. Welcoming all abilities and genders, Angela says she, “enjoys teaching ski conditioning in particular because it’s so fun to teach—people just want to get killed!” In addition to a “ton” of leg work, class participants work on functional core training with exercises like the hanging plank and reverse crunches. Core work is the center of Angela’s method to ski conditioning, and participants can expect to get an intense workout.


BCRD FitWorks

Hailey 208.578.2273

Conveniently located in the Community Campus (next to the high school in Hailey), the Blaine County Recreation District’s FitWorks program offers a wide variety of options to get your body in gear. With two full fitness rooms, including cardio and circuit training equipment, free weights and two double-pull SkiErg meters, which simulate the arm movements of Nordic skiing, FitWorks provides the perfect, affordable training option for anyone looking to get in shape. FitWorks also offers a variety of classes including Boot Camp, Pilates and Spinning, as well as personal trainers for a more tailored workout. Popular group and private Nordic skiing lessons at Quigley Canyon also take place once the snow starts flying.


High Altitude Fitness

Hailey 208.788.4955
Ketchum 208.726.1959

High Altitude Fitness gears up athletes for winter sports with several different classes. To keep the body in tip top shape, owner Kevin Mora suggests trying a recent addition to their training repertoire—Kettlebell training and KettleKross, which both use Russian-style kettlebells, a cast iron weight designed to be used with a range of movements. Kettlebell training focuses on posterior movement, working out the hips, glutes, abs and spinal rectus. Take kettlebell a step further with KettleKross, a class combining basic kettlebell movements with body weight exercises. KettleKross uses tires, ropes, sledgehammers and specialty sandbags to complete a typical workout.


“I work hard to make sure each class is fun, to keep participants looking forward to the next one.” -Eric Hall

Zenergy Health Club and Spa

Ketchum 208.725.0595

Recently selected as one of the “most luxurious fitness clubs” in America by CNBC, Zenergy Health Club prides itself on offering something for everyone. Whether you want to bomb down Baldy in a thigh-busting tuck or you simply prefer your workouts to be away from the snow, Zenergy can help. “We can keep you in shape, no matter what your favorite sport is,” explained Zenergy’s Kerry Samudio. Offering over 65 on-going classes in everything from Kettlebell training to Master’s swimming, from dry land training to yoga, classes at Zenergy are open to the public and run in four-week increments. Among their most popular classes are the “Boot Camps,” like the winter sports training class taught by seasoned trainer, Eric Hall, who summed up the Zenergy staff attitude by explaining, “I work hard to make sure each class is fun, to keep participants looking forward to the next one.”













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Jan 6, 2012 07:53 pm
 Posted by  10

Why isn't the YMCA listed as a gym in the Wood River Valley? The Y is an amazing resource and gift to our community and should receive just as must exposure as the other gyms.

Jan 9, 2012 09:47 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Thanks 10. We agree. The Wood River YMCA is a great gym and terrific asset for the community. We have and will continue to give it positive press.
At the time of this article, however, the Y wasn't offering any ski-related fitness programs, which is the theme of this piece.
But they do offer lots of other fitness classes. Check out here for more info:

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