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The Healing Power of Art

"Sugarmama" Shannon Steed Sigler, mixed-media and found object collages, part of a yearlong project of 365 different collages.

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Unleashing the Imagination

I paint, therefore, I am. Don’t laugh. We’re not talking philosophy. We’re talking about the benefits of connecting art with well-being.

Art is an innate force that promotes heath for the creator as well as the viewer. To wit: author Elizabeth Gilbert writes the bestselling memoir, Eat, Love, Pray, and is enlightened by the act of writing. Those who love Gilbert’s book say they are enlightened as well.

Upon seeing the original of a sculpted masterpiece for the first time, an art-lover can be stunned into breathlessness—a physical and emotional connection. After playing a concerto to perfection, the classical musician is drained and the audience feels uplifted spiritually—they get chills, for heaven’s sake. Theatre, likewise, has drawn people to its stage lights for the same reason—the exchange of energy between performer and audience. One’s life is better for having done and seen art like this. There’s a release, a catharsis, on both sides.

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