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The True Juice

Ketchum’s Other Bar Scene

By Ellen Bodal

photograph Woods Wheatcroft/Auroa Photos

Why go for the sugar-packed jugs of juice in the grocery store aisles when you can grab a nutrient-dense, fresh and organic juice or smoothie from one of Ketchum’s local juice bars? Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are a foolproof and tasty way to drink your daily nutrients and get a mega dose of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that your body needs to stay healthy. Our local juicers have endless combinations of vitamin-packed options made to order.


Akasha Organics
160 North Main Street

Akasha’s juice guru Ananda has been juicing in Sun Valley for 21 years, and while there is no standard menu at Akasha, ask and you shall receive. Everything is local, organic, fresh and raw to preserve the “life force” of the plants. A firm believer in the benefits of juice, Ananda looks at the sacred geometry of fruits and vegetables to determine the energy of the fruit that your body will absorb.

An Akasha favorite is the Liquid Salad, and the name says it all. The “salad” is a blend of carrot, beet, garlic, red bell pepper and Akasha’s Green Juice: lemon, cucumber, ginger, chard, kale, collards, spinach and parsley. Aside from the obvious nutrition, Ananda emphasizes the benefits that jam-packed juice has on your mind, body and spirit.

Glow Live Food Café
380 Washington Avenue

Glow holds to the mantra of “live food,” serving all-organic, plant-based foods that have never been cooked or heated above 118 degrees. This keeps all of the foods’ nutrients, minerals and enzymes intact so your body gets more bang for its buck, said owner Molly Peppo Brown. One of their signature squeezes is Green Juice, which consists of cucumber, celery, kale, collard, lemon and ginger. To battle a cold, Glow offers a mix of orange, lemon and ginger. Can’t decide? Any dark-green leafy vegetable is super-rich in nutrients, and ginger is great for digestion. Add a supplement, like flax oil, goji or Sun Warrior Protein Powder to your juice or smoothie for an added nutritional boost.

Zenergy Health Bar
245 Raven Road

Fresh juice is a great way to replenish your body after a workout or deep massage. Located in the lobby of the Zenergy Spa and Health Club, the Zenergy Health Bar offers an assortment of healthy juices and smoothies. The Trainer’s Choice smoothie is packed with energy in its mix of strawberries, banana, yogurt, apple and orange juices and soy milk; blend in a whey protein or weight-loss protein powder to maximize your workout. Another healthy non-juice beverage offered at Zenergy is ZenMatcha tea, a potent, powdered green tea that is full of antioxidants and is great for your immune system.



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