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Locals Share the Road to Recovery

The faces of addiction may inspire you.

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A Secret Support Society
“You know, here we are in a resort town where everybody drinks every night and I had a bunch of pals that I drank too much with. I chose to stop because I knew my mom’s sisters and the course their lives took and I didn’t want it for me,” shares local Spooky Taft.

Taft began attending 12-step meetings and now, 13 years sober, still goes two to three times a week. “There are a lot of 12-step programs here. I affectionately call it our secret society because we are all very close. Recovery here is very strong, very powerful. The people here bend over backwards for you.” Different meetings in the area deal with different types of addiction—alcohol, narcotics, overeaters, debtors and addictive relationships.

At meetings, like the teen support groups Taft has led, people become aware of their trigger points—what triggers them to use. “Every adolescent has problems at home and you try to get them to change how they react to their problems—like their parents, so that when their mother or father gets down on them, they don’t turn around and sabotage themselves. They don’t go out and get drunk because Mom yelled at them. We try to come up with behavior to replace the drinking, like maybe go outside for a walk or a jog, call a friend and go to a movie.” Or attend a 12-step meeting. Moving away from the group of friends you drink with is also important. This is called cognitive behavior change—first becoming aware of what makes you drink (trigger points), and then substituting different behavior choices.

Taft is presently working toward her certification as an alcohol and drug counselor. “Life is just so full and busy and great now. When you get clean and sober, you become who you were supposed to be.” >>>

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