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For the Love of Dog

Our Endless Affair with Man's Best Friend

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 Winner by a Nose

He’s a cowboy without any cows, but even at the tender age of 10, he’s won his share of seemingly unwinnable rodeos.

Cowboy is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Bellevue with a string of ribbons and awards that would make any cowpoke proud. He’s beat thousands of other breed standouts across the country and competed at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. He’s been No. 5 and No. 6 top dog of his type in the AKC and No. 4 in the United Kennel Club (all various competition rankings).

That many wins is usually credited to a handler—someone the breeder hires to do the in-the-ring work. In this case, owner Kathy Clark does it all, which makes the winning all the sweeter, she says. Clark, who works as a controller at Sturtevant’s, “to support the dogs,” and her husband Bruce, a middle school teacher, consider what they do a hobby, but their rankings make them less than amateur.

Cowboy is semi-retired while his buddies at Clarken Kennel step up to the gate.

Lark, a four-year-old Corgi, is moving up the charts, as is Roger, a Sussex spaniel, two and a half, who finished No. 12 in the country at the Eukanuba National Dog Show in Long Beach, California, for 2006, and is currently ranked in the top 10.

What’s so special about this kennel, or these dogs?
“They are rotten and they bark and they are horrible little dogs and we adore them,” Clark laughs. She attributes some of their success to “where we live—we have fresh air, we don’t have to kennel our dogs, their coat is always in great natural shape.” >>>


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