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For the Love of Dog

Our Endless Affair with Man's Best Friend

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 From Skis to Spas to Daycare

Whether for health and well-being, pampering or distraction, we will do just about anything to integrate our dogs into our daily routines. If you believe in acupuncture, so shall your dog. Massage? Its healing qualities are unchallenged, sure. A little downward facing dog with your dog? It’s being done elsewhere in the West, it’s only a matter of time until “Baby and Me” yoga means “Puppy and Me.”

However you choose, and under whatever guise, the ways to spoil your dog here are abundant.

Your dog may start its day at doggie daycare at Sawtooth Animal Center in Bellevue, where your dog will be put in one of six yards with equally-matched houndies for a play date that includes balls and a pool with a diving board.

Extravagance, or necessity?

“It depends on the person,” says kennel manager Janel Brown. “We have a dog that was brought here because she was deemed aggressive and couldn’t be left unattended and we’ve been taking her out and socializing her and she’s doing really well.”

Others are here because their owners work long hours and aren’t able to walk them during the day. Some have separation anxiety and need the constant companionship. To be sure, no one is ignored here.

“It’s very similar to taking a child to daycare,” boarding manager Arlene Rosenberg says. “You have to be confident in the person you leave in charge and that they will make sure their kids are interacting and playing well together. And when you have to replace a couch for the umpteenth time, this becomes an affordable option.

“We get great people working here,” she says. “People who love dogs and who are great at reading them.”
Some may opt for a personal touch, with a dog walker like Hound Around’s Ginger Ferries, who has been working with dogs for five-and-a-half years now.
“We take them hiking, to the groomer, whatever they need,” says Ferries, a former masseuse from Portland, Oregon. Massage is also a benefit she offers to the hounds, most often on older dogs that need the tuning up. >>>


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