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There's Something About Bobby

Bobby Farrelly’s Ketchum Connection


Bobby and Peter Farrelly at the Sun Valley ice rink.

In the rest of the world, Bobby Farrelly is known for teaming up with his brother, Peter, to write and direct some of the funniest movies of the past two decades. Starting with “Dumb & Dumber” in 1994, the pair has created a string of films that continue to be quoted by a generation, including “There's Something About Mary,” “Hall Pass” and “Me, Myself & Irene.” 

In Sun Valley, however, Bobby is also known—and perhaps just as well respected—for strapping on the goalie pads to stand between the pipes for the Sun Valley Suns Hockey Team. The Rhode Island native played goalie for RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and has been skating with Sun Valley’s men’s hockey team, off and on, for the 25 years he has been coming to the Valley.

“I give full credit to my lovely wife, Nancy, who was then my lovely girlfriend, for bringing me here,” Bobby said. “I fell in love with the skiing and mountain biking, but it was while having a drink at the Duchin Room, I stepped out back and heard a hockey game going on and thought, ‘Wow, this place really does have my name written all over it.’”

This past winter, he was forced to spend less time on the ice as he worked to edit “Dumb & Dumber To,” the sequel to their initial smash hit (although, perhaps surprise smash hit would be a more accurate descriptor), which hits theaters later this year.

“I originally went out to L.A. in the ’80s trying to sell round beach towels, you know, so you wouldn’t have to move your towel around to chase the sun,” he said. “Turned out we weren’t good businessmen! While we were tanking, we started waiting tables and bartending and bought a book on screenwriting.”

From that point, it took another decade of writing and selling scripts before they finally decided to get behind the cameras themselves in order to see one of their stories make it to the big screen.

After scoring Jim Carrey to star in the film (who was still somewhat unknown since his later hits, “Ace Ventura” and “The Mask,” had yet to be released), the pair thought about changing the name of “Dumber & Dumber” so as to not scare away other actors from the film.

“We were sure (the studio executives) were going to come in and fire us,” Bobby said, laughing. “We were pinching ourselves the entire time.”

Twenty years later, both Carrey and his co-star, Jeff Daniels, have gone on to star in numerous major motion pictures and television series, expanding their range well beyond the role Daniels once described to Bobby as, “these guys are dumb and don’t know how dumb they are.”

Beyond having some of the world’s most famous actors star in their films, the Farrelly brothers are also well known for casting friends and family in bit parts, as well as prominently featuring Sun Valley Suns paraphernalia, such as Jason Sudeikis’ hat in “Hall Pass” or a large banner in Ben Stiller’s sports store in “The Heartbreak Kid.”

“Dumb & Dumber To” will potentially be taking it one step further, with former Suns veterans Frank Salvoni and Dave Stone set to appear as extras. While Peter still has to finish his edit, Bobby is fairly confident the pair of Suns skaters will make the cut.

“They were as good as any other background nincompoops,” he joked.


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