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Sun Valley's Most Influential Leaders

Glenn Janss photo by Travis Bartlett

Glenn Janss photo by Travis Bartlett

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For all its glam and glitter, Sun Valley is and always has been more about people than place. It's the people who really love and care about this place who make it so special. In honor of our 40th Anniversary Summer issue, we pay homage to and highlight the people who have made the arts, the culture and land around Sun Valley remarkable.




A Spark that Started a Fire [pg. 2]
This Mountain Valley Is Alive with the Sounds of Music [pg. 3]
The Little Surprise on Main Street [pg. 4]
There's Something About Bobby [pg. 5]
Pulling the Blinds [pg. 6]

Silver Creek's Legacy of People and Place [pg. 7]

Making a Difference [pg. 8]


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