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IMRA Raises the Bar

Dave Sundholm, president of the Idaho  Mountain Dirt Riders Association, leads the way. Photo by Doug Karcher/Kinetix. Dave Sundholm is an equal opportunity two-wheeler. He considers himself an avid mountain and dirt bike rider. But when asked what the real difference is between the two and what he loves most about riding his motorcycle, he is quick to answer. “On a motorcycle, you can just keep going,” he said.

As a member and the de facto president of the Idaho Mountain Dirt Riders Association (IMDRA), Dave gets to share this love and enthusiasm for all things dirt bike with his community. Founded a few years ago to give motocross riders a unified voice in this activity-crazy community, the club has been reinvigorated in the past year, gaining non-profit status and forming an unofficial board, made up of five equally excited and equally passionate motocross riders.

Their official mission reads: “Dedicated to the rights of the individual and family who want a fun and safe experience when riding. It is our commitment to work with all user groups, to maintain existing and create new trail and track opportunities, as well as promote the unique riding in the state of Idaho.” While that might seem like a huge undertaking, to those involved, the IMDRA mission is simple: Love to ride and share it with others. Whether that is through promoting awareness and trail etiquette, working on trails with fellow riders and other user groups, partaking in the Bureau of Land Management Travel Planning Process, grant writing for track improvements, developing new tracks and trails, hosting weekly clinics and group trail rides or organizing used gear exchanges, IMDRA is well on its way to accomplishing its goals.

“We just want to keep trails and tracks open for enjoyment and for motorcycle use,” Dave said about the club’s goals. As for the multiple user groups that enjoy the recreation areas that this community offers, he believes that everyone can work together, can share the trails and be happy. “All users damage the trails in different ways. And what a lot of people don’t realize is that a lot of the Valley’s best trails, the ones that aren’t deteriorating as quickly, were built by motorcycle riders,” he said. Because of this, IMDRA and many of its riders have been asked to help create and build new trails of all kinds. They might be a two-wheeled motorcycle club, but none of the trails that motorcycles enjoy are user-specific. They do their best to live in harmony with fellow users and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.

The other big item on IMDRA’s agenda for this summer is the creation of a brand-new, state-of-the-art motocross track that will blow the Valley’s existing tracks out of the water. A project spearheaded by fellow IMDRA board member Chase Gouley (check out the profile of Chase on page 70), this is a dream come true for riders who love the track. Located on a piece of farmland near Carey, this commercial track facility will be privately owned but managed by the club and enjoyed by just about everybody who loves to ride.

When you add the new track to the club’s already long list of projects and goals for the motocross community, it might seem daunting. But these dirt-loving, motorcycle-riding folks are really just helping to be good stewards of the land, get along with others and have a darned good time. -Katie Matteson


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