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Kayak Addicts

Idahoans With Whitewater Running Through Their Veins

Photograph by MIke Reid

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With apologies to the potato, Idaho is arguably most famous for its rivers. Fantastic drainages that tumble from high in the Rocky Mountains and cut through the most rugged, uninhabited terrain in the continental United States. These wild rivers, like the Salmon, Selway and Payette, have bred generations of whitewater kayakers–adventurers who’ve helped to define Idaho’s outdoor lifestyle. Many of these paddlers have traveled around the world, making their marks on the history of river exploration in the process. Others are just getting started. Regardless of where they’ve wandered with boat and paddle, their paddling careers started in Idaho—the Whitewater State. Here, we profile some of the Gem State’s best paddlers.



WildWater North Fork Payette Teaser from Anson Fogel on Vimeo.



Erik Boomer [pg. 2]

Henry Munter [pg. 3]

Sean Glaccum [pg. 4]

Gerry Moffatt [pg. 5]

The Voorhees [pg. 6]

Devon Barker [pg. 7]

Ryan Casey [pg. 8]


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Jun 16, 2011 11:47 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Just a note on Devon's write-up... Pickard's named the park after Kristina's sister, not their daughter.

Jun 20, 2011 10:14 am
 Posted by  Mac

Thanks for the note and thanks for reading. We'll make the correction.-SVM

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