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Fish Food

A Peek at the Fare that Drive Trout Crazy

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Genus: Metaleptea
Order: Orthoptera

1. Emergence: July - September
2. Life Cycle: Egg, nymph, adult
3. Location: Rivers and lakes, especially on windy days
4. Size: 8-14



The strike was so explosive I shrieked like a teen with “Bieber Fever.”

I’d been shaking off fish under 15 inches all afternoon on Silver Creek, and this hog was twice that size. Most days aren’t like that—hell, a lot of years aren’t like that—but last year was one of those special ones.

Local farmers had been warned of a grasshopper plague, and like many fly fishing addicts, I was excited, but had no idea how awesome the fishing really would be. For weeks, I was waist-deep in foam at my fly-tying table and spent as much time on “The Creek” as I could, whether with my clients or friends.

One hot late-summer day, I had my favorite group of ladies on their first day on Silver Creek. We fished tricos in the morning and then I sat them down for a serious discussion about hopper fishing. I had rules—they thought I was crazy—then they saw the fish. It sounded like bowling balls were dropping all around us. I could barely contain my excitement and think the ladies soon caught it, too. They all broke off the biggest trout of their lives, but ended the day in smiles.

I’ve been guiding in the Wood River Valley for five years and I’m still beside myself when I see a fish eat a hopper—either mine or a client's. Just when I’m getting tired or working too many days in a row, tying on the first hoppers of the summer reinvigorates me for the rest of the season. I’m already shaking just thinking about it and what’s to come.

-Morgan Buckert, fly fishing guide for Sturtevants


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Jun 18, 2011 10:56 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Great Photography love seeing the detail of the bugs.

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