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Body and Soul

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The basics behind drinking water

Browse the water aisle at the grocery store and you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with choices—spring water, seltzer water, vitamin water, mineral water it’s all there for the drinking. In the U.S. there are nearly 200 different brands of mineral water alone. It’s simply a matter of finding what works best for you.

For Brenda Powell, director of the 90-Day Challenge program at Thunder Spring’s Zenergy Health Club and Spa, nutritionist and two-time finisher in the Iron Man, a good recovery drink is her answer to staying hydrated. “Coconut water has a lot of naturally occurring electrolytes. I figure that I recover much quicker withit than regular water. I have a magic formula that really works for me—half coconut water, half tap water and a packet of Emergen-C.”

That said, here’s a glimpse of what’s out there and what’s in it for you.

-Jody Orr



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