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Does your sweet tooth have cravings? Maybe it hankers after fine epicurean confections. Or just a cookie. Whether you’re after a brioche à tête or a homemade snickerdoodle, the Wood River Valley’s small loving bakeries can fill your sweet desires.


Ketchum Comfort Food

For the classics, the best bet is Lynndee’s Bakery. Lyndee’s is an old Ketchum standby; three different owners have been baking in the same small shack behind Chapter One Books since opening in 1975. The current owner, Jim Beckdolt, moved to Ketchum in 1988 to ski and said that the art of baking found him. These days, Beckdolt bakes fresh daily cookies, cakes and muffins just-like-mom-made for Atkinsons’ Markets, Albertsons, Tully’s and Wrap City.

Simple Kneads:
Extraordinary Goods

Mari Wania is the mastermind behind Hailey’s Simple Kneads. In a narrow garage-turned-bakery, she experiments with recipes to create the healthiest and tastiest all-organic, all-natural breads, sweets and granolas. The menu changes weekly, but if luck is on your side, you may catch a batch of apple-sauce-stuffed cinnamon rolls or old-fashioned English muffins, each hand cut with a traditional glass muffin cutter. Find these wholesome treats at Atkinsons’ Markets.

Rolling in Dough:
The New Act in Town

Rolling in Dough is Ketchum’s newest bakery, and it’s already known for the rich tastes and bold aromas of fine European pastries. Elbow-deep in a fresh batch of scones, owner Nancy Rutherford is a blur of action in her open kitchen while you idly nibble on a buttery croissant, danish or torte. Living in one ski town or another since her teens, Rutherford settled in Ketchum after a European pastry tour. In addition to her new shop on 7th Street and Warm Springs Road, you can find Rolling in Dough’s products at Atkinsons’ Markets, the Ketchum and Hailey Farmers Markets and year-round through Idaho’s Bounty.

Classy Cookies

“Most people forget we are a bakery, too,” said Cristina Ceccatelli Cook of Cristina’s Restaurant and Bakery. Since 1993, she has provided the Valley with a first-rate pasticceria, the traditional Italian pastry shop. She describes her creations as “Not very sweet, and not very layered, in the European style.” Stop in for an espresso, some sumptuous macaroons or traditional biscotti on 2nd Street in Ketchum.

-Sara Sheehy
Photograph Five B Studios




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