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Who makes the best burger in town? It's a fundamental question and still hotly debated. In a quest for the Valley's very best, we submitted ourselves to a rigorous schedule of testing and tasting, from Ketchum to Bellevue. Here’s a guide to some of the mouth-watering concoctions we discovered—burgers with character and zip that never disappoint.

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When the proper bun,
is your dinnertime canvas,
the burger is art.






[ketchum grill]

Best enjoyed with a large glass of Syrah or Malbec at the bar. We love the little ramikens of extras—homemade onion confit, ketchup and even one for fancy mustard (if that’s your thing).
Add fontina or gorgonzola cheese. And remember that Scott Mason is a true steak chef—so rare means rare.


Use extreme caution! Molten cheese flows from the center of this clever burger. Even though the original recipe was born near Minneapolis, this Bellevue burger is already a Valley standard.  
Grilled onions and, though it may be a bit decadent, extra cheese on top.

[power house] 

 When it comes to high-end burgers, less can be more. This one-third-pound of Niman Ranch grass-fed beef goes a long way on a fluffy Bigwood Bread challah bun with mayo, mustard, tomato, onion and fresh lettuce greens.
Burger and a bike tune? It's a novel but practical concept. Drop off the bike, grab one of dozens of top-shelf imported beers and grub down.


Big, bold and smoky, it's a gourmet burger for a serious appetite. Grass-fed top sirloin (not your average chop meat) from the Mesquite Cattle Company is house-ground into a formidable patty served on a hearty, salty pretzel bun.
The wood block-plate comes with little piles of balsamic caramelized onions, pickles and zesty tomato jam and one big pile of fries. Add Ballard cheddar or Rogue smoky blue cheese.

[sun valley co.] 

Snake River Farms is Idaho's only Wagyu beef ranch (the first Japanese cattle were imported in 1988) and Sun Valley is Idaho's original resort. The classiest destination in America is a natural place to try this Idaho original.
If you're in a snacking mood, try a Kobe-style slider at Gretchen's in the Sun Valley Lodge, or a half-pounder at the Sun Valley Clubhouse.  



This little house in Hailey does its burger gourmet-style. The combo of house-ground Double R Ranch ribeye and sirloin provides the richness of steak with a hint of spicy zip. Complemented by a red onion relish and house-baked cornmeal bun.
Chef Derek Gallegos cures his own meats, so the bacon is a sure thing. For extra locavore points, try the deliciously tangy Oregonzola blue cheese.  


 The Graphics Burger

If it’s good enough for our designers, it’s good enough for you.

Recipe by SVM graphic designer,
Charlotte Hemmings.



-Ground beef
(grass-fed, 20 percent lean)
-1 free-range egg
(the “glue”)
-plain bread crumbs
(to absorb excess moisture)
-Worchestershire sauce
-White onion, minced as small as possible
(to keep burger dense and intact on the grill)
-Flat-Leaf parsley, finely chopped
(to cut onion acid and for intrigue)
-Garlic salt
-pinch cayenne pepper or other heat
-Fresh ground black pepper
-Potato buns

Mix ingredients by hand for desired consistency and flavor balance. Roll into a ball and press down on cutting board to get the right thickness. Grind pepper onto a clean plate (you can improvise here with seasoned salts as well) and roll each patty’s edges in the pepper. Grill to your liking.




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