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Americans spend millions of dollars a year on hair products and countless hours at salons to cleanse, condition and style their luscious locks. To save money and create your own hair care products at home, look no further than your own pantry or wine cellar. Yup, we said wine cellar.

-Laurie Christian


Revive dull, drab hair by removing built-up residue.

Herb Hair Vinaigrette
Combine equal parts water and vinegar. After you shampoo, finish by dousing your hair with the mild vinegar mixture. The natural acids will rinse off residue from too many styling products and leave your hair renewed, shiny and soft. If you can’t handle the smell, infuse with fragrant herbs such as mint or rosemary and let it sit on a sunny window for several hours. (Don’t forget to strain before use.)



Excessive styling and frequent washing can strip hair of its natural oils and leave it dry from root to tip. This easy emollient will leave your hair gleaming and ultra-conditioned.

Holy Hair Guacamole!
Combine a quarter cup mayonnaise and two tablespoons mashed avocado. Hand-comb through your hair and cover with a hot towel or shower cap for thirty minutes. Shampoo and style as usual. Fat will moisturize even the most damaged hair. (Or, hold the mayo: olive oil is a great substitute.)

It’s summer time and while blonds may have more fun, chlorine in pools and hot tubs can turn beautiful blond hair an unsightly green tint.

Table Wine Solution
Before you shampoo, simply rinse your hair with red wine—any vintage will do. After you wash and dry, the green should be gone.




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