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Heads Full of Lightning

A Look at Some Bright Ideas Lit by Sun Valley’s Young People

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Is There a There There?

Andrew McCollum

The Internet is one of those things that is many different things to many different people all at once. But more than anything, it has revolutionized the way people communicate. It’s a tool that allows people to gather together and spread their ideas faster and more powerfully than ever before. Its politics lean right and left, but mostly populist.

During the longest presidential campaign ever recorded, pundits frequently referred to one of now-President Barack Obama’s most successful fundraising tools: his Facebook page. As nearly everyone knows, Facebook is a social networking site engineered in a way similar to Myspace, except Facebook is the newest hot spot for cool kids and even their parents to set up shop and swap photos, stories, causes and fan clubs.

Noticeably different is the site’s look, which is, compared to the black-and-neon look of so many Myspace pages, simple, sober and economical. An unfussy blue and white for the most part. The colorful content is left to its users.

One of the very young men behind that look is Ketchum-shaped Andrew McCollum, 25, who now lives in Austin, Texas.

McCollum was born in Pasadena, California, but spent his formative years in the Valley, attending Wood River High School, where he was on the debate team.

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