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Carnivals of Film

Movie festivals provide education and entertainment

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Left to Right: Danzak, courtesy Banff Centre;  Lumo, photo from Lumo website; Journey to the Center, photo Liro Seppanen; A Walk  to Beautiful, courtesy Banff Centre; Pray the Devil Back to Hell, courtesy Engel Entertainment, Inc. Charles Taylor photo APTN; Big Night, photo from Big Night website; Attendees of The Spiritual Film Festival, photo Marilyn Angel Wynn

Goldwyn and her co-hosts organize a cocktail party fundraiser as part of the festival. And she brings in filmmakers and other speakers, when possible. This past festival, for instance, featured a woman who heads the UNFPA Humanitarian Relief Unit, which offers assistance in war-torn areas and areas ravaged by natural disasters.

“There is a real interest in international women’s issues in this town and a feeling of connectedness that you don’t find in a lot of other places,” she says. “I find that in our town, people ‘get it.’ And that goes for men, as well as women.”

Goldwyn, former chair of the library’s “Our Moveable Feast,” started a new film festival this past winter called “Four Food Flicks for February.”

The films were held each Tuesday during the month leading up to “Our Moveable Feast,” where the library is turned into a strolling feast with each room offering gourmet delights tied to popular literature.

The first four food flicks featured Mostly Martha, about a German woman chef in a major restaurant; Babette’s Feast, about a French chef working for Scandinavian sisters; Big Night, about two Italian-American brothers, one of whom is a chef; and Eat, Drink, Man ,Woman, about a Chinese chef who loses his sense of taste.

Silver Creek Outfitters Fly-Fishing Film Festival

Silver Creek Outfitters uses film reels, rather than fishing reels, to rev up the enthusiasm for the summer fishing season each year, says organizer Dave James.

Its annual “Fly Fishing Film Festival,” held each year for the past four years in June, features the best fly-fishing films and environmental films related to fishing from around the world.

Believe it or not, even fly-fishing films can get kind of wild, as the extreme fly-fishing film Running Down the Man illustrated. Just picture anglers chasing roosterfish by sprinting along beaches all day.

Other films have included the acclaimed Red Gold from Alaska and Poppy’s Red Shed, about a Northern Idaho truck driver who opened a fly shop in his garage after falling in love with steelhead trout.

Proceeds from the films, which are shown at the nexStage Theatre, have gone to a variety of causes including The Nature Conservancy’s Silver Creek Preserve and the Hemingway Chapter of Trout Unlimited, which used the money to work on the upper Big Lost River project.

Karen Bossick is happy to say she’s had the opportunity to eyeball films at all of these film festivals. And most of them are well worth putting down that TV remote for.



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