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Carnivals of Film

Movie festivals provide education and entertainment

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LEFT TO RIGHT: Scene from Eat, Drink, Man, Woman, photo from Eat, Drink, Man, Woman website; Pray the Devil Back to Hell, photo PeWee Flomoku; Filmmakers’ dinner with attendees of The Moveable Feast film festival, photo Peggy Goldwyn; Poster for Pray the Devil Back to Hell, courtesy Pray the Devil Back to Hell website; attendees of the Spiritual Film Festival, photo Marilyn Angel Wynn; My Home, Your War; If You’re Not Falling, courtesy My Home, Your War website;  Photo Cory Richards, courtesy of the Banff Centre.


Magic Lantern Cinema Fall & Spring Film Festivals

Twice a year, Magic Lantern Cinema gives moviegoers a break from purely Hollywood blockbusters.

The Ketchum movie theater serves up a fine collection of independent films, artistic documentaries and award-winning foreign films.

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