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Carnivals of Film

Movie festivals provide education and entertainment

Matthew Hayes, courtesy Silver Creek Outfitters

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Mary Gervase’s camper becomes a rolling movie theater each spring and summer.

That’s when she hangs a towel on the window to block out the light and watches movies on her laptop, while her husband Matt keeps his eyes on the road.

Gervase has to take every chance she gets to watch films. She will see some 350 films every summer, picking the best to show at the three-day Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival.

The event is one of several local festivals designed to shine light on an array of topics through film. They range from ways man is short-circuiting the environment to horrific issues of women around the world.

Here’s a look at the film festivals that have become part of Sun Valley’s calendar year. We start with Gervase’s.

Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival

“My favorite package was this one from India,” she says, holding up a film that came wrapped in a burlap package with wax seals.

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