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Stanley Proved the Perfect Stage for a Summer Wedding

Blake Eagle embraces Angie Johnson Eagle after their nuptials at Redfish Lake.

Blake Eagle embraces Angie Johnson Eagle after their nuptials at Redfish Lake.

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It was Halloween 2002 when Fat Albert met the ’80s aerobics instructor that would make him want to stay fit and active for life.

When Blake Eagle painted his skin dark and donned a fat suit that fateful evening, he clearly wasn’t looking for love. An Olivia Newton-John-inspired
Angela Johnson figured her costume would be well-suited for dancing the weekend away.

“We were really shaking it on the dance floor,” Blake recalls. “But we were only able to talk for a moment because the music was loud, and then she had to leave. I gave her my number to call, but she never did. A few weeks went by with me thinking about her and asking everyone I knew if they had met this incredible girl.”

Despite her coyness, Angie concedes, “There was definitely a spark at first sight.”

So when he tracked her down at Smith Sport Optics and enticed a friend to put in a good word for him, she agreed to a first date.

“When I knocked on the door, I was a little nervous to see what she actually looked like, and I believe she felt the same,” Blake remembers.

“She opened the door with the biggest smile of delight and we ended up sitting on the couch and talking all night. It felt like we were old friends reuniting and we had a great evening getting to know each other.”

And so began the three-year slow dance that eventually led the Spokane native to get engaged to the girl from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and wed in the summer of 2006.

The couple lives in Hailey now. Angie is still with Smith, and Blake, an independent carpentry contractor, heads the newly formed Blake Eagle Construction. They are still trying to make time for a honeymoon, perhaps this summer, a tour of bed-and-breakfasts along the Washington and Oregon coasts.



It was at their Hailey home that Blake proposed. The couple had planted a garden together and enjoyed the process of nurturing it as it grew strong and they began to harvest the vegetables. The couple was working in their garden a few days before a birthday trip to Glacier National Park when Blake directed Angie’s view to a spot among some new cucumbers where she spotted a ring box in the greenery.

Blake got down on one knee and began his prepared speech about why he wanted her as his wife, but Angie tackled him with a resounding “yes!” The couple celebrated their September birthdays and their engagement for the next 10 days of vacation.



The couple, who seem to have an unspoken understanding about many things in their lives, found they were in harmony over the wedding plans, as well.

“We learned we were more alike than we thought,” Angie says.

“We knew we wanted it to be comfortable and somewhat casual,” Blake says, with the wedding must-haves of “family, good friends, good food and libations, the mountains and flip-flops.”

The couple relied on family and friends to serve as wedding planning assistants, and they rose to the occasion.

“Without them, our day would not have been the same,” Angie praises.

The couple immediately decided the location would be Stanley because they loved the area and thought it would be the perfect place to showcase Idaho to visiting friends and family.

With the location scouted, the couple focused on the details, most of which they were able to gather locally, or as close as Idaho Falls and Boise.

Angie’s dress, veil and shoes, as well as the bridesmaid dresses, came from Paula’s in Ketchum. Michele Minailo-Jefferson personalized the gown with her alteration talents. DeEtte Lindberg designed the necklace and matching earrings to (complement) her ivory dress. Blake’s grey suit came from To The Nynes in Boise and groomsmen wore matching grey shirts with green ties. >>>


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