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In Our Own Backyard

Should you Pause at One of These Funky Stops?

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When Demi and Ashton were a new couple, they popped into the Smiley Creek Lodge General Store enroute to their cabin near Stanley for supplies. Day-tripping pilots land across the highway from the store and restaurant that fronts the Smiley Creek Lodge and take a lunch break. There are those in Hailey who hop on their motorcycles on warm summer evenings for the hour ride north of Ketchum to partake of rich and creamy fountain style shakes made by employees hired specifically to make them unbelievable. In winter, snowmobilers abound.

The log-cabin Smiley Creek compound is as its promotions boast, “your summer and winter fun headquarters.” You can get gas for your vehicle, your license for hunting and fishing, or your snowmobiling tags. You can arrange pack trips and outfit your picnic with everything from trail bars to books on Idaho.

There is something for everyone at this routine stop enroute to the Sawtooths.They do close their doors in the off-season, so call ahead, 208.774.3547.


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