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Book Talk

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Nancy Burke

Nancy Burke knows a lot about nurturing something to its personal best. She has raised eight children, run a successful first-run, book publishing house, and now, at the start of the second half of life, she is taking herself—mind, body and soul—to new heights.

“The only person we can change is ourselves,” she says adding with a laugh as sincere as it is approving, “it is such a great relief when we finally get that!” Burke has dedicated her life and her work to finding the affirmations to live by and to producing the works to guide others by. She founded Ketchum’s DayBue Publishing in 1998 to give a voice and an audience to first-time book authors with the intention of sharing “empowering works of art that illuminate the mind and awaken the heart.” During her reign, a number of novelists’ careers were launched, among them, Kaya McLaren with Church of the Dog, Robert Earle with The Way Home and Jordon Sonneblick with Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie.

Each of them has gone on to publish more titles, even though their foundation has since been retired. Burke explained that while divine intervention (a voice she heard from the empty back seat of her car telling her to be a publisher and that she’d known she wanted to be one for years) launched her effort, the “inherent paradigm of book publishing,” won out in the end. “It is a constant merry-go-round,” she recalls, leaving her little time for family, friends, or, self. “It’s wonderful to hear how people are still responding to our books. It was sad having to close, but like children, books keep growing even when you are not doing it with them.”

Currently, she is working on her own title of nonfiction, following two of her own children into writing. She remains tight-lipped on the details, but says much like the voice that led her to publishing others, this voice, of a friend, “came at the right time and sounded right.”

Favorite books

She is rereading The Law of Attraction, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. “It’s about the laws of the Universe and applying them to daily life,” Burke explains. “It is so simple, so beautiful and it continues to change my life.”

If the concept sounds familiar, it is because Oprah Winfrey has aired several shows concerning the self-help DVD and book called The Secret. The couple were original contributors to that DVD, but withdrew when they found out that it was being sold rather than given away worldwide as they had been told. “Everything is done with such love and such respect for each individual and it is exactly the way I want to live.” Being on all sides of publishing as a reader, publisher and writer, Burke says she does not dismiss the commercial versions of various self-help concepts, “It takes many different teachers all presenting a message in a different way to reach people.”

From The Law of Attraction

Of her choice she says, “I normally would never mark a book, but this is something I refer to daily so it is full of stickies and folded pages,” she laughs. Is she sorry it’s taken so long to get the message of self-change for herself? “Everything I have lived and everything I have read has led me to this,” she philosophizes. “If I hadn’t been through my particular past, I wouldn’t understand this.”

It is our absolute knowing that you will find the keys that will lead you to the life experience that you intended even before you emerged into this body. We will assist you in fulfilling your life’s purpose, and we know that this is important to you, for we hear you ask: Why am I here? What can I do to make my life better? How do I know what is right? And we are here to answer all of that in detail.


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