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The World's largest celebration of Basque culture—in Boise.

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 A rhythmic click-click-click reverberates through the air. A dozen young men—clad in white shirts and pants, red berets, and red sashes tied around their waists—are skipping past each other, striking wooden hoops as they go. The crowd cheers as the dancers kick their feet high over their heads and then jump into 360-degree turns, the toes and the red-and-green laces of their white, rope-soled shoes pointing gracefully toward the ground.

Accompanying them is happy, melodic music in the two-third time of a polka. One musician in a red beret plays a trikitixia (accordion). Another fingers a txistu (a three-holed, flutelike instrument held straight up and down, rather than sideways) with his left hand, while tapping out a rhythm with his right on a small tanbolina drum.

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