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Sun Valley Magazine is the result of a commitment to celebrating life here in the Wood River Valley in Central Idaho. Everyone needs the occasional reminder of the reasons they live anywhere—this is our raison de’etres. It gets us up everyday and out the door asking “Tell me something I don’t know . . .” so we can fill you in on the stories that are the fabric of our lives here. Our goal is to break down the barriers, open eyes and leave a mark on your memory. We hope that if you live here too, or just love it here as much as we do, then our magazine will resonate. Although a locally-based magazine, we don’t shy from regional stories. And, our publications are sold nationally in more than 400 locations nationwide, notably the Boise Airport and Salt Lake International Airport, Barnes & Noble, regional Albertson’s markets, as well as the local Atkinsons' Markets and local bookstores and gift shops. Thank you for sharing your world so we can share it with others.





publisher/editor in chief: Laurie C. Sammis

managing editor: Adam Tanous

advertising sales: Heather Linhart Coulthard

production director / web editor: Kate Elgee

controller: Linda Murphy

marketing / sales coordinator: Taylor Holden



Kristin Cheatwood

Kristin Cheatwood is not your typical wedding photographer. She began her career as a motorsports photographer with works published in many national and international magazines. Her love for life and action attracted her to shooting weddings and, after her first, she “fell in love” with wedding photography. Kristin applies her unique photojournalistic style to assure that every moment is captured in a reminiscing story-telling manner.

View Kristin's Work: High Flying Idaho Boys, Valley Profiles, Hitched



Hailey Tucker

Hailey Tucker recently completed her degree in Visual Journalism at Western Washington University and has returned to the Wood River Valley with dreams of telling the stories of her hometown. Whether she is covering events for www.sunvalleymag.com’s Local Buzz blog or shooting photos of the people that make up the community, Hailey is always looking for new ways to tell the tales that make this Valley so unique. In her spare time, Hailey loves backpacking, reading, dancing and spending time with her family and friends.

View Hailey's Work: Snow Pioneers, Doran Key, Kaitlyn Farrington; Soldier Mountain, Roundhouse; 5B Ski Factory; Full Moon Nights; The Valley's Future; Jonesing to Run



Steve Friess

Steve Friess is a veteran Las Vegas freelance journalist whose work appears regularly in The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Newsweek, USA Today and others. He also blogs at VegasHappensHere.Com and co-hosts a Vegas-centric interview podcast, The Strip, as well as an animal-affairs show called The Petcast. This piece on Parry Thomas represented an important part of understanding a long-held fascination Steve’s had with how Steve Wynn rose to prominence and how The Strip became what it is today.

View Steve's Work: Unbridled Enthusiasm


Hillary Maybery

Hillary Maybery has been photographing kids and weddings in Sun Valley for 10 years. She lives and breathes photography. It’s her life and passion. Considered easy to work with, laid back, and always having fun, Hillary loves spending time with her family and horses, skiing, and sipping red wine with people who love great photography. Check out more of Hillary’s work at www.hillarymaybery.com.

View Hillary's Work:  Special Deliveries, Paradise Found, Hot Potatoes, Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation, Are You Mad For Hats; Snow Pioneers


Paulette Phlipot

Paulette Phlipot is an award-winning food, travel and lifestyle photographer. She is inspired by an endless desire for adventure and a passion for storytelling through images of food, people and the natural elements that surround them. Phlipot was awarded the International Association of Culinary Professionals “Best of Show” Photography Award in 2008. She graduated with honors from the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, B.C., Canada. When she is not photographing you can find her in the mountains hiking, biking, or skiing or at home in Sun Valley, Idaho, enjoying healthy food and wine with family and friends.

View Paulette's work: Art of Food; Food for Thought; It's Hip to Bowl Spares; Ancestral Spirits; Mountain Oasis; Lemons; Pits Against Nature; Canoodling with Pasta; Construction Academy; Right On Target; The China Connection; The Music Man


Craig Wolfrom

Craig Wolfrom is about as colorful and candid as his images. He has enthusiastically pursued his photography career since the 1990s covering editorial essays, applying a creative photojournalistic approach to weddings, and enjoying all of nature’s elements while capturing adventurous travel and sports images. Craig teaches a few workshops every year and also takes time to mentor high school students interested in photography. The Wood River Valley has been Craig’s home since 2002. He lives in Bellevue with his wife and two children.

View Craig's work: Bux’s; Local Hero; Timing was Everything; Postcard Setting; Quest for Powder; Summer Ice is Nice; In Our Own Backyard; Urban Urbane; Scratch the Surface; Worm Dirt; Deciphering the Dress Code; Objects of Affection; Backyard Ice Rinks Rule



Jason D.B. Kauffman

Jason D.B. Kauffman is an outdoors and environmental writer and photographer based in Missoula, Montana. Jason has written about and photographed endangered wildlife, threatened wildlands, backcountry travel, food, sustainable living and other topics for a variety of publications. His work has been published in Backpacker Magazine, Newwest.net and the Idaho Statesman. He’s currently expanding his writing and photography while also pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism at the University of Montana in Missoula. In his free time, Jason likes to hike, backpack, fly-fish, mountain bike and cook with his wife, Elizabeth Belts Kauffman.

View Jason's work: 49th Parallel; A New Pecking Order; A Tale of Two Cities; Affordable Housing


Van Gordon Sauter

For better or worse, critical decisions of the heart and career get made in bars. At least in Van Gordon Sauter’s lifetime. Whether the bar was 21 in Manhattan (executive vice president, CBS); Billy Goat’s Tavern in Chicago (reporter, Chicago Daily News); Weber’s Saloon in Middletown, Ohio (hod carrier and laborer); a nameless café on the rue Marbeuf (Paris bureau chief, CBS News); or the Danang Vietnam Press Center (correspondent, Detroit Free Press), Sauter knows that barroom decisions tilt to the ill advised, if not the catastrophic. But to men, bars are associated with freedom, camaraderie and a delusion that bad decisions can easily be corrected. Bux’s Place in Challis, Idaho, is a splendid setting for when those issues are settled. Simple rules of conduct are followed. Respect history. Buy a round for the house. Tip the bartender. And toddle with cheer into the bracing mountain night.

View Van Gordon's work: Bux’s; The California Trail; The Specter of Silver City; Lore and Legends; The Sun Valley Story


Dana DuGan

Dana DuGan is always on the search for culture, arts, music and a good time. DuGan has written about just those things for more than a decade in the Wood River Valley for various publications and websites. Most days she can be found in her garden, which happens to have the best view (Carbonate Ridge), or at her laptop in one of the valley's many coffee shops. Both activities connect her to the wider world. Known for a certain New York brashness, she comes by it honestly and means no harm. DuGan is a mother of two sincerely nutty girls, who also believe that “The world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps her cool.”

 View Dana's work: V for Vegetable; Local Buzz blog; The Healing Power of Art; Creative Spaces



Ariel Agenbroad

Ariel Agenbroad serves Canyon and surrounding counties as a University of Idaho Extension educator in horticulture and small farms. She is committed to helping individuals and communities grow. Her areas of specialization include home and market vegetable production, direct marketing of horticultural products, organics and volunteer development. She also coordinates and teaches the Canyon County Master Gardeners, along with dozens of classes and workshops annually. In 2009 she created the Idaho Victory Garden Series, an Extension program designed to help families produce and preserve more food at home. Her latest publication, “Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): a marketing strategy for Idaho’s small-acreage producers”, is now available through the University of Idaho Extension.

View Ariel's work: Art of Food


Kirsten Shultz

Except for a few tears of frustration in the darkroom during finals in art school, photographer Kirsten Shultz cannot remember a time when she did not love photography. As a professional photographer for more than half her life, Kirsten has spent 15 of those years photographing from Sun Valley. Her editorial, wedding and lifestyle images have been internationally published and she has won numerous awards for her work. She has photographed for many national publications and is the photographer of five cookbooks. She continues to photograph projects that showcase her love of food, travel, the arts and weddings. She lives in Bellevue with her husband and daughter, whom she loves to photograph and travel with.

View Kirsten's work: V for Vegetable; The Perfect Winter Wedding; Crafting the Valley; A Day Away; Contentments & Curiosities; Craftsman Profiles; The Spirit of a Garden; Betsy Pearson; Sculpture Garden; Greenhouses; What We Inherit; Speaking in Textiles: Christina's Tale; Camp Rainbow Gold; Trailing of the Sheep; Berries Are My Weakness; Vita Brevis; The Alchemy of Glass; Finding New Voices; Let Them Eat Cake; Home is Where the Art Lives; Unbridled Enthusiasm; Craftsmen at Work


Roland Lane

Roland Lane is a freelance photographer based in the Wood River Valley. Drawing from his background in modeling in NYC and Milan, he was fortunate to work with accomplished photographers like Greg Gorman. While modeling, he discovered his passion for photography. Self-taught, he garnered his knowledge from his experiences in front of the camera and several years of assisting photographers internationally. Prior to moving to Idaho in 1999 with his wife, Yvette, they resided in San Diego, where Roland was a photographer for Harmon Publishing.  

 View Roland's work: Solutions; Get Out There



Jill Kuraitis

Jill Kuraitis graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara with a theatre degree and worked in TV and movies before  arriving in Boise 22 years ago with her husband and children. Devoted to her adopted hometown, she started writing about politics, neighborhoods, business, growth and the environment. Her reporting and columns netted five 2008 Idaho Press Club awards, including two first-place finishes for general excellence in news websites and for best online feature story. Jill makes abstract quilts and prolific flower gardens and never does anything the same way twice.

 View Jill's work: At Home


Tal Roberts

Tal Roberts lives in denial. It’s not a river in Africa. Apparently, it’s right here in Ketchum, Idaho. “I don’t want to become a professional photographer. I don’t want photography to lose its fun,” he said. Despite such reluctance, his photos have been run in skateboard and bmx magazines around the world, including Transworld Ride, Dig and The Skateboard Mag. Yet, Tal insists he isn’t a professional photographer. That would be taking himself far too seriously.

View Tal's work: Who Can Save Ketchum; The Lure of Ice; A Tale of Two Cities; Sun Valley Magazine cover Winter 2010-11; Cory Smith Approach Skis; Room Service; Sun Valley Magazine HOME cover Fall 2011, The Grind: In Search of the Ultimate Ride



Pamela Mason Davey

Pamela Mason Davey regularly writes for corporate clients in the travel, cruising, coffee, high-tech and luxury-lifestyle sectors and loves the technology that makes it possible for her to live here, but work “out there.” She lives in Hailey’s Indian Creek with her husband, who is an artist; her daughter, who is a teenager; and her greyhound, who is a beloved supermodel of a dog. Her favorite word is “ointment.”

View Pamela's work: Physical Poetry, The Valley's Dirty Work; Hunger Where it Doesn't Belong; Objects of Affection; Built to Fit



Della Sentilles

Della Sentilles was raised in Dallas, Texas, and had never been ice fishing before researching her feature. She purchased her first fishing license, borrowed and wore her first camouflage jacket, caught her first perch and learned that you can never judge a sport by its stereotypes. “Everything we do, say and think is complicated and complex, even something as seemingly simple as ice fishing,” she reports. Now, a first-year law student in Texas, she plans to get back on the ice sometime this winter—at least if it’s not too cold. 

View Della's work: The Lure of Ice Fishing; Who Can Save Ketchum?; Tough Times, Easy Pleases




Elissa Kline

Elissa Kline was born in New York City and grew up in Los Angeles. She  lived on a ranch near Stanley, Idaho, for 17 years, before moving to Hailey with her family. During her time on the ranch, the self-taught photographer began focusing on details of the natural world—among her first subjects were abstract images of the horses she took care of. What followed was a five-year documentation of the wild horses known as the Challis Herd, with whom she formed an intimate connection.

View Elissa's work: Horse Power; Mountain Mustangs; A Dog's Best Friend; Not So Free To Roam; Carole King & James Taylor Bring Idaho's Wild Horses Nationwide



Patti Murphy

PattI Murphy is a freelance writer, public relations professional and small-business owner who moved to Boise twelve years ago from Phoenix, Arizona. The daughter of a journalist, she grew up with a natural curiosity for just about everything and finds herself asking “why” and “how” a lot. Today she works with a diverse and interesting list of government and corporate clients. As a freelance writer, her articles have appeared in local and national newspapers and magazines and have received several Idaho Press Club awards.


View Patti's work: Idaho's Basque Tables; Endangered Art; The Elegant Barn; Memories of Minidoka



David Frey

David Frey is a freelance writer based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He is currently working on a book tentatively titled Papa’s Planet: An Ernest Exploration of the Places Hemingway Lived and Loved. The agonizing research has forced him to visit locales from the Sawtooths to the Dolomites, eat lots of cheese and sausage and drink copious amounts of wine. A regular contributor to NewWest.net, his work appears in a variety of newspapers and magazines, including the San Francisco Chronicle and 5280.

View David's work: Hemingway's Ketchum





Elizabeth Belts Kauffman

Elizabeth Belts Kauffman is an award-winning wedding, editorial and travel freelance photographer based in Missoula, Montana. A native Idahoan, Elizabeth is inspired by the innumerable stories told by the people and places that grace her home out West. In her free time, Elizabeth thinks nothing of traveling long distances to listen to good music, nor waking early to cast a fly line, or enduring a bouncing bus ride to reach an off-the-beaten-path, foreign destination. She often collaborates with her husband, freelance writer and photographer Jason D.B. Kauffman.

View Elizabeth's work: A New Pecking Order


Debbie Hummel

Debbie Hummel has been in the words business for more than fifteen years, with most of that time spent as a columnist and writer at The Salt Lake Tribune and later as a reporter for The Associated Press in Salt Lake City. She left the AP to freelance write and chase a boy back and forth across the Utah-Idaho state line. The mountains of central Idaho captured her heart and imagination while the ground squirrels of the Sawtooth basin addled what was left of her mutt Caesar’s brain. As for her and the boy, they’re expecting their first child this fall and can’t wait to teach her to ski.

View Debbie's work: Home in the Hills


Mark Oliver

Mark Oliver is a film maker and photographer in the Wood River Valley. His passion for photography started in high school when he bought his first camera. In college, as a camera assistant, he discovered his love for film as well. Since then Mark has been a part of a number of great projects in and out of the Valley. His favorite subjects to shoot are the people in and around Idaho. You can often find Mark rolling around the skatepark, flipping into swimming holes, dancing at concerts, or high in the hills on his snowmobile, camera in hand and a smile on his face.

View Mark's work: Hemingway's Ketchum; Heart Like a Wheel; The Nordic Character; Concrete & Abstract, Heads Full of Lightning; Uberman; Doors; Local Buzz





Chatham Baker

Chatham Baker “narrowly survived” growing up in the Seattle suburbs before he escaped at 18 to pursue art  and snowboarding. He graduated from Colby College (Fine Art & Fiction Writing) with brief stops at RISD, UC Berkeley and Italy. After graduating, he couch-surfed through Hells Kitchen, N.Y.C. all the way to a couch in West Ketchum. Now, 10 years later, he’s a designer at Smith Optics, co-conspirator of WIZE and married to a local. It was in 2003 while schlepping art as a grunt for a local gallery that Chatham first met Andy Kent, Andy’s camera collection and his stories of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s out of this mutual friendship and respect that this story was made.

View Chatham's work: Access, Aperture and Reverb: The Photography of Andrew Kent


Nancy Whitehead

Nancy Whitehead and her camera love to capture the moment—whether in the field, on the water, or in the backyard. She has photographed dogs from the tundra in Alaska to the plantations in the deep South, turning those photos into fine art and field portraits. Her work has appeared on the covers of sporting books in England, Shooting Sportsman, the Orvis catalog and Sun Valley Magazine. Her work is currently showing in the Beretta Gallery, in New York City and Dallas, and her book, In the Field: A Photographer’s Journey with Sporting Dogs, has received critical acclaim.

View Nancy's work: Jonesing to Run


Drew Stoecklein

Drew Stoecklein grew up in Sun Valley where he discovered his passion for the outdoors and photography. After attending The Community School, he polished his photography skills at Brooks Institute of Photography and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a minor in Business Administration from Montana State University in Bozeman. During college, he studied with legendary Hollywood photographer Douglas Kirkland and world famous wildlife photographer Dan Cox. Today he lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he is able to pursue his career as a professional photographer and big mountain skier.

View Drew's work: Carving Turns Along the River of No Return





Julie Gallagher

Julie Gallagher grew up in the mountains of Idaho, mostly on horseback, tagging along with her forest ranger dad. After college, she settled in Ketchum to ski just one season, checking furs at the old Lodge Dining Room to the strains of Hap Miller’s Orchestra.  In the mid-’70s, she created the Sun Valley Ambassador Program, a 12-woman skiing guest service team, a first at any ski resort in the West. In 1986, she was named executive director of Sun Valley Center for the Arts and Humanities and now owns J. Gallagher & Associates, private fine arts consultants. She and her husband Brian live in Hailey.

View Julie's work: Valley Profiles: Bobbie Burns, Chuck Ferries and Phil Puchner; Liscense to Win



Adam Tanous

Adam Tanous first swam his way out of a kayak when he was a spindly 16-year-old running the Rogue River. Decades later, he has yet to shake the affliction of rivers and all that they entail. Along the way, he was educated at Stanford University, where he earned a degree in chemical engineering, and the University of Virginia, where he completed an MFA program in fiction writing and literature. Adam has worked for many years in Idaho as a writer, guide, and ski patrolman. Currently, he is the director of marketing for Raydiance, a company commercializing femtosecond laser technology.

View Adam's work: Carved By Water; Big Air, Big Mountains and Big Laughs: A history of ski films



Matthew Hayes

Matthew Hayes, a Bay Area, CA native, left home at 18 to work as a fishing guide in Southern Idaho.  Between fishing seasons, he attended the University of Montana where he studied journalism and photography. Hayes began working as a freelance photographer in 2004 and now covers assignments for editorial, commercial and private clients while also exhibiting his work in the fine art world.  When not photographing, he’s often fishing or in the darkroom. He is currently based in Hailey and is represented by Wonderful Machine.

View Matt's work: Riggins: A Classic Town; Jon Marvel; The Long Way Home





Jody Orr

Jody Orr first visited Ketchum when she was just 10 (the year isn’t really important, is it?) and knew even then it was her destiny to live there. In 1999 she moved to Ketchum for the oldest and dumbest reason in the book—L.O.V.E. Today she resides in Boise and writes freelance magazine pieces and for the occasional website. Jody earned her Bachelor’s degree in journalism a millennium ago and her Master’s shortly thereafter. She’s worked in newspaper, marketing and retail sales (aka waitressing). Jody lives with her husband (yes, it’s the same guy), two kids and her beloved Labrador, Rose.

View Jody's work: Body and Soul; Yoga Masters;





Nick Price

Nick Price is a fly fishing guide and photographer. He studied fiction writing at the University of Montana and came to photography later. He lives in Hailey with his wife, two sons and English setter.  

View Nick's work: Fish Food; Winter on the Big Wood



Katie Matteson

Born and raised in a Wood River Valley family that spent more time on skis than practically anything else, Katie Matteson grew up on the slopes. Katie recently returned to Ketchum after graduating from New York University, traveling and working in Asia and Africa, and interning at Skiing Magazine in Colorado. Between laps on Baldy and hikes in the mountains, she works as a staff writer and the online editor for Sun Valley Magazine.

View Katie's work: Before and After; Valley Profiles



Tim Brown

Tim Brown was born in Sun Valley, Idaho, in 1963, where he presently lives with his wife Lisa and their daughters, Barrett and Waverly. He studied fine art photography at the University of Arizona before moving on to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. His commercial experience has included working for The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Patagonia Inc. and Architectural Record. Tim’s third architectural book is available through Gibb-Smith Publishing, “Sun Valley Architecture and Interiors,” which contains 213 photographs of local architecture.  Along with his architectural photography he has recently turned his attention to videography.  Shooting musicians across the USA and Canada including: The Steve Miller Band, Kid Rock, Fergie, John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt, Santana, Joe Cocker, ZZTop, George Thorogood and Les Paul among others. 

View Tim's work: Before and After, Boulder • Metal • Concrete; A Sun Valley Solar House; Characteristic Lines, Uncharacteristic Results; Office Sweet Office


Courtney Samway

Courtney Samway was born and raised in the Wood River Valley and grew up with a passion for living an active lifestyle and the great outdoors. She has studied and taught native skills with several wilderness survival schools around the world, including Tom Brown’s Tracker School. Courtney is a local trainer at 5B CrossFit, a strength and conditioning studio that hosts daily workouts designed to improve every domain of an individual’s health and fitness. Her photography work consists of landscape, lifestyle, athletic portraiture and architectural.

View Courtney's work: The Upside of Upcycling





Nancy Glick

Nancy Glick was born and raised in Spokane, Washington, on a teeny tiny cattle ranch. From the age of seven, she spent all day, everyday riding her horse or dancing around in a tutu. We think it was the sparkles that kept the tutu going for so long and if you remember Elaine from Seinfeld you’ll understand why she finally shed the tutu for riding breeches.  Nancy earned her bachelor’s degree in communication and journalism from Gonzaga University and still rides her horse, Bombay, as much as possible at Lucky13 Ranch.  Since moving to Ketchum in 2004 (for the 2nd time, the first was in 1994), Nancy met and married her husband Josh, has become a member of the Mud Honey Cycling team and volunteers with the Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research. She works a lot, too.

View Nancy's work: The Upside of Upcycling; SWAG ; Pretty Sweet Skivvies for Dirty Men





Matt Miller

Matt Miller has worked as a professional writer for 20 years, covering conservation, outdoor sports, science and other topics. His work has previously appeared in Sports Afield, Living Bird, Bugle and many other magazines. He is a blogger for Cool Green Science, and his columns appear on Grist, Care2.com and National Geographic online.  Matt has traveled widely on six continents in search of wildlife and stories. His favorite “wheel” is a fly reel, and on summer evenings you can find him casting dry flies on the Boise River near his home.

View Matt's work: Wood River Bike Coalition


Julie Molema

Julie Molema began her career in publishing 17 years ago as a copy clerk at the Salt Lake Tribune. Since then she has worked in magazines and newspapers throughout the West, such as Expression Magazine, Boise Journal, SkyWest Magazine and The Steamboat Pilot and Today.  Julie blogs about all the fabulous food this Valley has to offer for SVM’s Yum! blog—tough job, but someone’s gotta do it—and is currently Sun Valley Magazine’s production director. In her spare time, Julie creates original pieces for her JAM Designs Jewelry and enjoys spending time in the great outdoors of the Wood River Valley.

View Julie's work: Valley Signature Drinks; Moveable Feasts, several yum! food blogs; Valley Craftsmen; Snowshoeing around Sun Valley;