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Main St. Market

Jan 10, 2012 - 10:38 AM
Main St. Market

An early Christmas present arrived to the Ketchum community as of December 16th. It wasn’t Santa but instead locals Steve and Karen Holzman who gave us a brand new market in the recently renovated, formerly Roxy’s space on Main Street in Ketchum. Main St. Market, its new name and providing a new and fresh grocery shopping experience is its new game.

For over five years, since the closing of Williams Market in 2005, Ketchum has lived by one grocer. Then came Roxy’s into the old William’s market space this past summer, fashionable and trim, a dark box with mysterious potential. (Check out our interview with the builders and architects behind the glorious remodel from our fall issue of Sun Valley HOME.) Yet before anyone could adjust, before the lines could shrink at Atkinson’s, it was gone. Residents had asked and received an additional store, many even shopping at Roxy’s once or twice. But to the chagrin of everyone, Roxy’s simply wasn’t up to the task. “It was a glorified convenience store” said Karen Holzman when we spoke, “which didn’t fill the niche.” That niche was a downtown market carrying fresh and prepared foods, in wide varieties, for more than one demographic. Steve and Karen, having first invested in Roxy’s and later seen its shortcomings, knew a change was necessary to properly fill the void.


Sleek design and fresh product. Two of Main St. Market's new mainstays.

The formal vision of Main St. Market is simple: “to establish a stylish, diverse, and healthy shopping destination in Ketchum.” The importance of aesthetics in this town is undeniable, and the Holzman’s new market reflects that priority. It is a stylish grocery store to be sure, with aluminum siding that runs wall-to-wall, large bold lettering to indicate sections and long windows near the front offering an unmatched view of Baldy. The vibe is warm and inviting, especially around the leather armchairs by the entrance. Main St. Market is small but the modern design somehow seems to give you room to breathe.

Stylish or not, Main St. Market doesn’t want to make the Roxy’s mistake. They have fresh food and lots of it. The product selection isn’t overwhelming, a welcome change over the glut of items clogging most chain supermarkets. But what the Holzmans have stocked is a balance of local and premium foods; a range of wines and cheeses; beer and choice cigars and an enormous “BULK” aisle, where you can pour hearty bags of granola, cashews or the season’s trendiest health seed at low prices. Basically “people need to know they can get all their grocery needs here,” stressed Karen. Diversity achieved.


Left: The enormous bulk section of the Market. Right: The well-stocked wines.

It is also vital to mention the impressive work of the deli and kitchen. Busy parents and tired skiers often need meals ready on the fly, too tired or too busy to make their own. The Holzmans, parents and skiers themselves, understood this and the importance of offering hot food alongside the cold. Accordingly, Main St. Market hired two full-time chefs and a much larger group of cooks and butchers. This staff prepares dozens of foods throughout the day, including popular breakfast items. Near the entrance on the right, the glass windows of the deli are filled with fresh salads, roasted turkeys, gourmet pastas, paninis and more. The mouth-watering display speaks to the Holzman’s commitment to the deli, which they emphasize is a central part of the Market experience.

Customer service is key for the new market in downtown Ketchum.

More than anything, Karen explained, Main St. Market was created to accommodate community needs. People wanted another grocery store, here it is. Shoppers asked for a well stocked deli, come take a look and try some samples. Ask a Market employee anything because customer service is understandably their principal value. Thankfully the attention and patience has started to pay off. Since opening, locals have broken rank and tried the new store and the “general goodwill has been amazing,” said Karen at the end of conversation.

One woman, upon realizing the Market didn’t carry her husband’s favorite bread, requested that it be stocked. Management made a special order and it was stocked, but before she returned, other shoppers had bought up the item. The Holzmans decided to just stock the bread permanently, to ensure they had some every time she returned. The woman returned the favor: she shops at Main St. Market now.











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