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Rico’s Pizza—Something for Everyone

Mar 30, 2011 - 09:38 AM
Rico’s Pizza—Something for Everyone

Have you ever heard the following words uttered?: “Pizza? No, thanks, I don’t really care for it.” Right? Or perhaps, “Blech. Pizza? All that bread and cheese, not my thing….” Neither have I.

We are fortunate enough to have several pizza joints in the Valley, and last week (and several times before that) Peter and I went to Rico’s Pizza and Pasta, located at 200 Main Street in Ketchum.

Back in the day (oh geez, how old am I anyway??). Ahem, I’ll start again. Years ago, Rico’s was conveniently located inside Whiskey Jacques. It was a great place to get some sustenance before (during and after) vast volumes of alcohol were consumed. As Ketchum grew, so did Rico’s. Now it’s a short walk across the street from Whiskey’s. Brilliant isn’t it?! (I thought so too!) Now, we go to Rico’s and THEN we go to Whiskeys.

So there we were. It was a Friday night, and Rico’s was packed—but, with my puma-like reflexes at the ready, I looked over yonder and whaddya know there was an open table. We were seated immediately by the man himself, Rico.

I love it inside Rico’s. It has great lighting, comfortable tables (where a couple months ago, we saw Arnold Schwarzenegger dining at the very table we were seated at) and not so big that you get lost finding your way to the restroom. I also love the wait staff at Rico’s. Excellent service can be hard to find these days, but every server we’ve had is top notch. Even on the busiest of nights, the staff is on top of things. (Cheers to you servers!)      

Rico’s menu is extensive so there are culinary options for just about everyone. On that hoppin’ Friday night we came for the pizza, but if I were in a pasta-sort-of-mood, I’d try the Clams Bianco—fresh clams in a white wine sauce with portabello mushrooms and leeks, served over linguine ($13.75). Or maybe the Pesto Pasta—pesto sauce, kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes and Feta cheese, tossed with linguine ($12.75) Mmmmm. Basil. Do I have anything green in my teeth?

We were craving pizza, so we scanned the pizza menu. They have many specialty pizzas like the Pollo—chicken, garlic, jalapeno, cilantro and tomatoes and the Athena—spinach, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts and Feta cheese. We chose the Rojo Pizza—BBQ sauce, chicken, smoked Gouda, red onions and cilantro. And since I can’t live without a salad on the side, we ordered two house salads ($4.75 small, $7.75 large). Oh, and a pitcher of beer ($11.00) It was Friday night for heaven’s sakes!


Our small salads came moments later and they were NOT small at all. The plates were packed with mixed greens, diced tomatoes, red onions, garbanzo beans and croutons, tossed with AMAZING homemade creamy Italian vinaigrette. We took our complimentary breadsticks for a dip in our dressing and mopped up every last morsel.

Shortly after we finished our salads, the pizza arrived. Their timing was impeccable, the pizza, beautiful. The rich red of the BBQ sauce mixed with the bright green from the fresh cilantro was eye candy in 3-D. We dug in and closed our eyes with pleasure. Often the BBQ sauce is too sweet for me, but at Rico’s it’s simply divine. We chose the original crust this time, but have had the thin crust on a ham, mushroom and tomato pizza with the same results—perfection. We were sad when it was over, but isn’t everyone in the aftermath of a great meal?

As I write, Friday night is upon us once more, and I’m jonesing for one of Rico’s fine, yet substantial salads. Maybe we’ll try the Athena Pizza—the one with spinach. And then I can say to Peter, “Do I have anything green in my teeth?” moments before we get up and walk across the street to Whiskey’s.

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Mar 30, 2011 09:59 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

I have to add an addendum to this article...We tried the cannoli last week at Rico's and it was something special. The shell was thin, crisp and flavorful and didn't scrape the roof of your mouth like some hard cannoli shells do. The filling of mascarpone was light and sweet -- even though we were full from our dinner, we polished off two cannolis easily.

Cheers to Rico's for perfecting this fabulous dessert!


Mar 30, 2011 10:14 pm
 Posted by  elliscreative

Good stuff! I've been enjoying your blogs; you have a fun, whimsical blogging style. And now you've made me desperate to try the Rojo pizza at Rico's. Sounds like it would be well worth a drive from Boise!

Mar 31, 2011 10:54 am
 Posted by  Anita Martini

Your wonderful way of describing food makes me hungry even when I've just eaten. This is a wonderful and humerous blog and if you're not careful I'll get on a plane and eat my way through all those restaurants you've been writing about. Keep up the good work! AnitaMartini

Mar 31, 2011 11:57 am
 Posted by  rjwalton

The salads and pizzas look amazing! Thank you so much for the post. Delish!

Apr 2, 2011 02:53 pm
 Posted by  levimike

Blog,blog,blog, This is really great! I've even taken time out of my golf game to comment....Rico's and Whiskey's bring fond memories of The Valley.....makes me want a pizza and "diet Coors" right now. Great job, your friends in Borrego Springs! D&C

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