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The Konditorei

Konditorei offers fresh take on classic Alpine fare

Sep 4, 2013 - 09:54 AM
The Konditorei

The Konditorei has done an about face. No plastic surgeons were involved, just a move back in time to its traditional Austrian roots. From a new menu to new interiors, it’s a breath of fresh gourmet air to see the Konditorei travel back to its former Bavarian glory.

Peter and I headed over to the Konditorei at the peak of the Beaver Creek Fire in search of filtered air, good food and more importantly—wine. Many Ketchum businesses were closed, and it was a relief to largely see “business as usual” in Sun Valley. The parking lot was full and the restaurant was packed with locals and tourists swapping stories of evacuation and smoke-related fatigue.

The interior of the Konditorei is classic alpine without being cheezy. It's beautiful.


We sat at a banquet table and were immediately greeted by a friendly waiter. We ordered a bottle of wine, Kris Pinot Grigio ($26) and perused the menu for something that was designed to sate in the event of a natural catastrophe. It seemed that we came to the right place.

There were several tantalizing options on the menu, like the Chopped Salad (a favorite of mine at $12.50) and the Herb Salmon Salad ($13.25). Crepes abounded with protein pleasers like Smoked Trout and Brie Crepe ($13.50) or Ham and Brie Crepe ($11.50), and a sweet-tooth-lover’s dream in the form of Nutella Crepe with fresh strawberries, or Nutella and whipped cream ($10.50) served with a side salad or French fries. Several Paninis have been included on the menu such as Roast Beef Panini with horseradish, Bourbon-glazed onions, sautéed mushrooms, Dijon aioli and melted Provolone ($12.75) and the Turkey and Brie served with cranberry compote, Dijon aioli and watercress ($10.50). A traditional Austrian dish called Spaetzle, a type of egg noodle or dumpling, is central to the menu and takes on the taste of the sauce that it’s paired with. Updated and Americanized, the Austrian Mac and Cheese Spaetzle ($9.75) and Pumpkin Spaetzle with grilled sausage, walnuts and apples ($12.75) are wunderbar!

Executive Chef Derek Gallegos is no stranger to Austrian food. "I have two college friends that were born in Germany and I remember going to their mom's house and she would make us potato dumplings and braised cabbage," said Derek. "It's fun to cook and eat that kind of food again."

Turkey and Brie Panini with Wood River Organics salad.


Peter wanted to try something authentic and immediately zeroed in on the Spaetzle. The waitress recommended the Beef Goulash Spaetzle with potatoes, parsnips, turnips and chives ($13.50) so he did what all former waitstaff do and followed her lead. I joined in and ordered her recommendation of the Turkey and Brie Panini.

Left: Beef Goulash Spaetzle; Kris Pinot Grigio was a nice treat for lunch on a smoky weekend.


As we inhaled the AC and tried to forget about the fire, we spent time admiring the fabulous design of the café. If God is in the details, then Sun Valley remembered them in the intricate pattern of the ceiling border and the luxe fabric on the padded chairs.

Pastry cases at the Konditori are packed with goodies I've only dreamed of.


 Lunch was served and we were delighted with the presentation. My Panini came with chunks of Turkey (not deli turkey) and lovely, large slices of brie surrounded by a layer of cranberry compote. It was fabulous. The side salad with Wood River Organics greens topped with a Tarragon dressing earned an A on my salad meter. Peter’s Beef Goulash Spaetzle was impressive—ample portions of beef, potatoes and turnips in a wonderful  sauce was the perfect addition to the Spaetzle. We traded bites and enjoyed our afternoon over wine and Austrian cuisine, forgetting for a time that there was a world-class fire blazing just over the hill, threatening to engulf this wonderful resort town in which we live.

Thanks firefighters for your commitment to saving our town. And thanks to the Konditorei for staying open and feeding the masses in classic Austrian tradition!

Sun Valley resort updated all of its landscaping to include water features all througout the mall.



Julie Molema is Sun Valley Magazine's art director and yum! food writer. She is also the owner of JAM Designs Jewelry and Accessories. Her favorite thing to do is to go out to lunch or dinner in the Valley.







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Sep 6, 2013 05:59 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Its good to see SunValley has survived the latest fire. And the SunValley resort, what an incredible location!. Derek Gallegos and the Konditorei are a winning pair.

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