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Happy Feet

The new state-of-the-art Surefoot boot liners

Jan 14, 2013 - 12:36 PM
Happy Feet

Imagine going into a store to buy liners for your ski boots and being transported into some sort of futuristic contraption that generates an exact computerized scan of your foot.  Confused and intrigued?  You’re in for a science fiction-worthy experience when you stop by any Surefoot location (our local store is located in the Christiana Building on Sun Valley Road) and ask for the latest craze in boot fitting technology— the new Contoura liner.

Surefoot’s extensive background and expertise in the art of feet facilitated the creation of Surefoot’s  new Contoura X3 and C1, which promise to “match high performance skiing with unparalleled comfort” explains Barry Woods, Vice President of Operations at Surefoot.

The new X3 liner is designed to accommodate a broad-reaching skier population—“from World Cup skiers to weekend warriors”—while the C1 is for less aggressive skiers that prefer a more relaxed fit.  The Contoura liners are manufactured on site at Surefoot locations and are made to a skier’s specific foot measurements.

Surefoot is the leading ski boot retailer in the world and has specialized exclusively in custom ski boot fitting for the past 29 years, according to Woods.  Both beginner and intermediate skiers can benefit from the liners because they put them in correct position when skiing— an essential component whether your skiing down Quarter Dollar or pointing your tips down the steeps of Baldy’s bowls.  

Briar Sanguiliano of the Sports and Entertainment Company, a public relations firm for Surefoot, says that the liners can be used for those learning to ski to line their rental boots, which allows beginners to progress in their ski education with consistency.  Briar adds that advanced skiers appreciate the liners because “they provide a custom, tight fit for precision and control without hotspots or aching feet!”

Surefoot fits tens of thousands of feet per year, according to their website, and have made half a million ski boots in the 25 years since they have been around, so it’s no wonder that they are the experts in the field of ski boot and liners—that’s a lot of feet!


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