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2012 Powder Dance Festival

Dec 11, 2012 - 10:32 AM
2012 Powder Dance Festival

Dj Alien and Jo Snow Leopard won the costume contest and a pair of K2s.

It’s hard to find a place where people love skiing (and powder) as much as the townies of Sun Valley. So much so, that we dedicated four days to the white fluffy goodness during the 2012 Sun Valley Powder Festival. The “Ultimate Snow Dance Weekend” was filled with live music, film festivals, ski contests, dance parties, costumes and plenty of praying/bowing/dancing to the Snow God powers-that-be.        

The party was a spin-off of last year’s Powder Prom, where Powder Magazine came to celebrate its 40th Anniversary in the same town where it was born. Brothers and local ski bums, Jake and Dave Moe, first launched the winter "mag" in Sun Valley back in 1971. Ten years later, they sold it to Surfer Publications, but the current editors hadn’t forgotten about the two original founding Godfathers. They presented the brothers with a pair of K2 skis replicating the first 1972 cover, with a black and white moonscape and space shot. The skis, along with a plaque, can now be found inside Starbucks on Sun Valley Road—a tribute to the Moe brothers and the inauguration of Powder Magazine in Ketchum. 

This year’s party included a laser light show at the Cornerstone Bar and Grill with go-go dancers and an afroed DJ, Nordica ski carving contest on Bald Mountain, roasted pig and award ceremony at Apple’s Bar and Grill, a late-night Whiskey Jacques dance party and Starbucks breakfast in Ketchum Town Square.

Brothers Jake Moe (left) and Dave Moe (right), founders of Powder Magazine.The highlight of the weekend, among many, was the K2/Scott Powder Dance at the Limelight Room of Sun Valley Resort. Marmalade Hill covered everything from 80s prom ballads to Irish drinking songs while the crowd gathered, dressed in wild colors and strange wigs, to fist-pump and skip around. The winners of the costume contest (and a free pair of K2 skis of their choosing) were Jo Howard and Brent Russel, aka the Jo Snow Leopard and Dj Alien.

As Jake Moe said, “This party is a continuation of the ski culture spirit and heritage of the town”—one that was fired up last year at the Powder Magazine Party, and, by the looks of every haggard face at Starbucks on Sunday morning, continues on today.

Thanks to Captain Powder (aka Dave Moe) and brother Jake for “Bringing Powder to the People” and reminding us why we love Sun Valley!          

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Dec 13, 2012 11:21 am
 Posted by

I love S V Mag,
However, I would love to know how the writer could mistake my costume for a "tiger lady"
Um, not only was this a snow themed event,hence the snow leopard costume, but last time I checked, tigers have stripes!!
I hope if I wear it and win again next year, you will get it right!
Jo Snow-leopard

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