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Thanks for Snowing

Feb 24, 2011 - 01:28 PM
Thanks for Snowing

The snow gods finally come through for Sun Valley.

Things were getting a little dire. I actually saw a guy skiing in a short-sleeve shirt two weeks ago. Sunscreen was broken out. Convertibles had tops down and there were dreams of flip-flops, lakes, and swimsuits dancing in locals’ heads.

There were, though, the resilient few, those who believed that more snow was coming. Whether it was coming in February or not until a Colorado-like March, they debated sitting on barstools, riding chairlifts, and in line at the grocery store. But they were almost outnumbered by those who planned trips to Targhee and Jackson Hole, maybe even Mammoth In California (who was boasting something like 33 feet…) and those who had their edges sharpened and resigned to carving race turns for the rest of winter.

Then February 16th came and the heavens finally opened up on the Valley. Six inches of snow on the mountain by Thursday morning. Then another five inches overnight and President’s Day Weekend started early. A slightly unexpected blizzard on Saturday made for an epic day of powder. It snowed eight more inches throughout the day. Facebook and Twitter were buzzing about “Waist-deep Central Park”, the freshies on College South Slopes, and even marriage proposals to Bald Mountain. Sunday brought an epically beautiful bluebird morning, ski racks filled with powder skis and lodges full of burning quads. It was a weekend to remember.

Can't beat freshies on Baldy,

Left: Can't beat freshies on Baldy. Right: Heading up May Day lift.


According to the skier count, Sun Valley Company had the busiest President’s Day Weekend since 1995. Town was packed. The mountain was crowded. Restaurants and bars were buzzing and it kept snowing! We got to pull out our powder skis from the back of our cars and revel in a snow situation that was no longer dire. We were reminded why we live here and got to ski and snowboard like champions all weekend.

So, whom should we thank for all of this? Sun Valley Company? The lift operators who are at the mountain at 6 a.m. to run the lifts for the Patrol? The Patrol that is there for a control morning to make sure the mountain is safe for us? The guy who scans our ticket? The guest service, which organizes the line at the base of the May Day lift? Ullr?

Bluebird days make skis (and their owners) happy.

Bluebird days make skis (and their owners) happy.


And what should we do to thank them? I’m sure Valley locals have done their fair share of toasting Rainers. Plenty also danced the night away in salute at the annual celebration of the Mtn Niceness Festival and the Marley in the Mountains. I have friends who are making Ullr Candles (like these but instead devoted to the God of Snow). Videos show showcase the snow and the skiing.

I am not quite sure where I would send a thank you card so instead, I am putting on my skis right now and getting right back up there. I will give thanks and celebrate the snow by basking in the pleasure of our mountain, this new snow, and the more snow I know is coming. I will ski. How are you giving thanks?





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