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The Community Library's Moveable Feast: Eat, Drink, Fundraise.

Mar 20, 2012 - 01:43 PM
The Community Library's Moveable Feast: Eat, Drink, Fundraise.

Upon moving to Ketchum in December, I wasted no time in getting a library card. After four years of heavy reading and paper-writing (a.k.a. the foundations of higher learning), “the library” is where I’m comfortable, no matter the city, and it felt good returning to that community of books and readers.

And like many, I’m in no position to buy new books every month. The library is my literary resource, our literary resource, and truly the only way for the reader in all of us to satiate that desire for knowledge and storytelling without spending a dime.

At the same time, Ketchum’s Community Library receives no government funding. The books and computers, the speakers and events, all of it is paid for privately. Considering the quality of the Library’s collection, staff and lecture series, meeting those budget requirements is no small task. In fact, it’s a massive undertaking for such a small town and each of us must own the responsibility of keeping it afloat.

Which is why I was so happy to witness the success of this year’s Our Moveable Feast, one of the Library’s most popular fundraising events. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, mark next year’s calendar and buy a ticket. This Feast is not to be missed. Ask the hundreds of attendees. Ask the volunteers. Ask me --- because I’m not exaggerating. Our humble Community Library was for one night, any socialite’s dream of dinner, drinks and decor.

Every year, hundreds of volunteers help to transform the library stacks, remaking the building into a culinary paradise, with heaps of exquisite hors d‘ouvres in every corner. Now in it’s eighth year, the Moveable Feast can simply be described as an elegantly themed food party. This year’s ingenious idea was to create rooms based on great books-turned-famous movies. Thus each “theater” was adorned with decorations and finger foods to according to its particular theme. The five books/movies included The Help, Out of Africa, Harry Potter, Slumdog Millionaire and the Godfather. Sounds fun, right? Well, it was. And I wish it could eat at the library more often.


Left: The Out of Africa movie theater. Right: The Godfather set up.

Slumdog Millionaire right in the middle of Ketchum's Community Library.


The list of local restaurants and purveyors who added their culinary mastery to the event included Idaho’s Bounty, Rasberry’s, Sun Valley Resort, The Sweet Crumb, Perry’s, Sun Valley Chocolate Foundry, Globus, Rickshaw, Ciro, Vintage, Christina’s and more. Needless to say, the Moveable Feast was like a bar crawl for foodies. The only difference? Every ticket purchase went toward the Library. Each sampler, all the mixed drinks and every silent auction item was donated. Is there a better cause (for humankind)? Let’s be honest.


A few offerings from local food geniuses.

For me, the Moveable Feast was another realization that this community cares. At the very least, the Sun Valley area is filled with individuals who like themed parties and good food. While the I’m unaware of the fundraising figures, I can guarantee that the Library came close to meeting its goal. Apart from the silent auction earnings, tickets were $125 and sold out. Jai Ho, no?

Organizers and volunteers of the Slumdog Millionaire theater.

So whether you buy books or rent books, remember this: every thinker starts at the library. Over the course of this winter, I’ve tried to define that which makes this community outstanding. What I’ve discovered is that a community defines itself by how it supports those in need, whether that need is social, intellectual or spiritual. This Valley is outstanding because of institutions like the Community Library, which provide the necessary resources to keep every man and woman out of the cold and into something worth reading

Cheers to the organizers! You guys did an awesome job!





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