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For the Love of Pets

You Dog!: What kind of breed are you?

Feb 22, 2012 - 02:06 PM
You Dog!: What kind of breed are you?

Apparently if I were a dog, I would be a Border Collie. I find this news surprising. Border Collies are a bit compulsive, incredibly athletic and notably intelligent. These might not fit in my own personal description but hey, if that’s what the quiz results say, it must be true.

I am sure we all, at some time or another, have wondered what kind of dog we would be. Our faithful companions are our best friends for a reason. Is it because we are so alike? Or is it more that we have spent enough time together that we understand each other’s needs? I am not sure why I love my dogs so much, but I like to imagine it is a combination of both those things. I don’t think I am nearly driven and intense as my dog, Stella, but for whatever reason, her intensity doesn’t bother me one bit. Perhaps I have learned to love her for all her quirks just as she loves me for mine.

When deciding upon which kind of dog to adopt, perhaps it would be helpful to find out what kind of dog you are first. In knowing I am a Border Collie, I probably wouldn’t adopt a Bassett Hound. Could a Bassett Hound and Border Collie be friends? Would we have anything in common?

Or maybe one of the things dogs have taught us is that breed doesn’t matter as much as we think. Dogs can be friends with anyone. Who hasn’t seen a small dog whose best friend is its polar opposite? So whether you are trying to decide what breed to adopt and looking for a little guidance or just an afternoon distraction from the office, you can find out your breed by taking the quiz here.


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